• Danno Guerrero

Plotter - A Novel

Reeling from her parents' sudden separation over the summer, Charlie heads into her senior year with a plan to get her high school happy ending: an outline. It's structured. Thought out. Planned. The total opposite of what her spontaneous writer of a dad lived by. So no deviation allowed!

But life wouldn't be life without the unexpected, and with a mysterious new girl immediately shaking things up, a possible budding romance with her supposed-to-be best friend Kiko, and the truth behind her parents' separation looming over her, Charlie's in for more than a couple rude awakenings.

Join her on the bustling streets of San Francisco as she wonders if she really wants to be in the friend zone, plays a starring role in the "teeny drama show" that her coach calls the volleyball team, accepts that sometimes it's okay not to be okay, and learns that maybe life is better off filled with maybes after all.

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